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  • Sitewizard Guide: Settings (Sitewizard Editor)
    Answer: The Settings section of the SiteWizard system allows you to change certain aspects of the site that are out of the scope of the Web ...

  • Categories: How do I add a category?
    Answer: Your shop can feature UNLIMITED categories and products. Each category can have it's own description plus category header and footer graphics (this is handy to ...

  • SEO: Google Optimisation
    Answer: Google OptimisationAs part of SiteWizard's ongoing partnership with the British Shops and Stores Association (bssa), we gave a series of talks on the subject of ...

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation
    Answer: Search Engine Optimisation We have teamed up with Brad Callen - one of the top search engine optimisation experts in the world, to bring you a ...

  • SEO: Google Adwords (Google Pay Per Click)
    Answer: Google Adwords (Google Pay Per Click) There are two roads (and trains of thought) to getting your website found in the search engines. The Short Road ...

  • Sitewizard Guide: Meta Tags (Keywords) For Web Pages
    Answer: The SiteWizard Page Editor allows you to set the Meta Tag information for individual pages. This means you can make the information they hold much ...

  • Sitewizard Guide: Inserting & Managing Images
    Answer: Now that you have included the contextual content of your website, you can, if you choose to, add images to the page to make the ...

  • Shopping Cart: How do i remove a product?
    Answer: To remove products from the database, you will need to click on the delete button from the shopping cart menu. You will then need to search ...

  • Shopping Cart: How do i modify a product?
    Answer: To modify products in the database, you will need to click on the modify button from the shopping cart menu. You will then need to search ...

  • Common Questions: How to add You Tube videos to site
    Answer: First you will need to upload your video to Once you have done that: Step 1 View the video on and copy the embed code ...

  • CMS Pages: How can i add alt and title tags to images
    Answer: This guide will teach you how to add Title and Alt tags to yours images in 6 simple steps. The reason why you might want ...

  • SEO: Why does my site have a grey question mark or red cross beside it in
    Answer: Norton Safe Web toolbar application will either add a green tick, grey question mark or redcross depending up if its been validated by norton. To get ...


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